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Badan Dakwah Islam established by PT. Odira Energy Persada as religious and social forum. Active since 2010 and chaired by the Director of Upstream PT. Odira Energy Persada - Mr. Djanoeir Moenir.

Having various internal and external activities involving employees of PT. Odira Energy Persada and the surrounding neighborhood community office in Jakarta. Internal activities such as  pengajian regularly every two weeks every Friday and learn Al-Quran once a week every Thursday. While external activities such as provide “free cleaning services” to the mosques around Odira office.

A special vehicle with special equipment and dedicated staff ready to serve surrounding mosques. Activities include cleanliness of the room, carpet, cleaning toilets, and others. Recently Badan Dakwah Islam also provides social assistance to communities requiring.




The base of our services is remote sensing technology use variety of 20 sensors and satellites. The calculations are performed on the supercomputer, which is one of the 100 most powerful computers of the world.

With the use of Remote Sensing Technologies, ODIRA in cooperation with GeoExpert from Poland provide consulting services in following areas:

















PT Odira Energy Persada (Odira), a private company in cooperation with PT Bina Bangun Wibawa Mukti (BBWM) being BUMD Bekasi Regency to manage LPG Plant "BBWM-Odira" is committed to always help and participate in developing program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards people surroundings.

The program includes construction of four new classrooms with size of 8x8 m2 for SMK (Vocational High School) Darul Amal in Buni Bakti village, Babelan subdistrict, Bekasi Regency. Regent of Bekasi Drs. Sa'duddin, MM opened the new classes officially on October 23, 2008 witnessed by Head of City Council Bekasi Regency, Head Subdistrict of Babelan, Head of Buni Bakti Village and its surroundings, Director of Yayasan Sekolah Rakyat Bekasi, Head of Yayasan Attaqwa Bekasi, Head of Yayasan Darul Amal, public figure and other invitees.

SMK Darul Amal is one of the educational institutions under supervision of Education Foundation and Islamic Welfare (Yayasan Pendidikan and Kesejahteraan Islam (YAPKIS)) "Darul Amal" led by K.H. Madrais Hajar, Lc as General Chairman. Due to insufficient funds to make available classroom for SMK, so that learning-teaching process for SMK is conducted in the afternoon hour, it seems ineffective and ineffecient if viewed from motivation of the students. The assistance of Odira is also constituted a background for the intention of most community in expertise and skill educations in line with the growth of industry area in Bekasi Regency thereby requiring improvement in competent human resources quality.

On the occasion of such opening, President Director PT Odira Energy Persada Mr. Farouk Rais provided scholarship to five college students with satisfactory performance coming from Babelan, but economically poor to join education Bachelor's Degree (S-1) majoring in syariah economy in Sekolah Tinggi Ekonomi Islam (STEI) SEBI Ciputat-Jakarta. In his addressed said that Odira has also provided scholarship to its two employees coming from Babelan to join education in the sector of oil and gas at Sekolah Tinggi Energi & Mineral (STEM) Akamigas Cepu as company management in years to come.

Such activities form corporate responsibility in program of social development espesially in the education sector for next generation in Babelan Subdistrict. These activities aim to improve and expand public opportunity to continue to higher education level in the framework of preparing human resources for economy development especially Babelan or Bekasi Regency in general.


Odira Karang Agung PSC
Energasindo Heksa Perdana
Horna Inti Mandiri
Andalas Coal Persada
Duta Energy Raya
Wajo Energy
Sriwijaya Marga Persada
Odira Al-Baraqa
Tanjung Api-api Estate
Taiba Energy
Papua Kyriake Hemera
Frais Investment



In order to support government program so mandated in Constitution with a view to improving national life way of thinking, role of education in all sectors is very important. Education constitutes a human resources development investment, which is useful for Indonesian people, therefore, investment phases should be jointly considered, as educational issues are not only responsibility of government or people, one of the most instrumental education components is teacher who in charge of educating, teaching, guiding directing, training, evaluating students.

In September 2008, PT Odira Energy Persada provided Lebaran's Day package in an effort to carry out its commitment to social care through program of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The package includes incentive and clothes intended to volunteer teachers at schools managed by Sekolah Rakyat (SR) Foundation Bekasi. Such assistance was distributed to 360 volunteer teachers spread in 17 subdistricts within territory of Regency and Bekasi City.

This foundation established free schools such as development of Independent Study Activity Place (TKBM) SMP (Junior High School) Terbuka addressed to students who cannot afford to continue their study in regular SMP and those who are economically poor. At present, it has established 23 TKBM with 2263 students at 17 subdistricts within Regency and Bekasi City.

This assistance is an appreciation for the volunteer teachers who voluntarily conduct their tasks regardless of compensation they gain with full attention and highly dedicated spirit. In addition, it aims to motivate in teaching students thereby improving public role and empowerment in education sector.